Injection Molding Factory

Injection Molding Factory

If you are the end user of a injection molding factory for the application of your products, what solutions can SIKO offer you?

Customers' Major Concerns
SIKO's Solutions and Advantages

Material Variety

Full range, to Learn More

Material Consultation Before Purchase

professional engineers and foreign sales team online consultation 365 days

Response Speed

Fast, < 1-2 hours

Customized Composite Material

High strength, high impact resistance, enhanced thermal heat stabilization, hydrolysis resistance, UV-resistant, Flame retardant(halogen free), Lubricated improved(PTFE, MOS2), anti-friction, wear-resistance, static electricity free, creep resistance, metal replacement, thermal and electricity conduct etc.

Matching Color Service

All color-RAL#/PANTONE#/Customer supplying sample standard, using The best color instruments from JAPAN "KONICA" is used for all color-RAL#/PANTONE#/Customer supplying sample standard

Quick Lead Time

Within 7-10 working days (20MT for example)


25KG, very low quantity

Sample Policy

Normally free within 10kg, freight charges on your account, special cases can be negotiated individually

Cost reduction for Current Mass-Production Products

Various alternative and equivalent good quality polymers and are provided injection molding test, to Learn More

Product development and Material Choice

Complete and fast process to help customers to find out the most suitable options material with the lowest cost in the shortest time, to Learn More

Factory certification

ISO14001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 Quality system certification, TUV On-site audit certification, to Learn More

Product Certification

UL, SGS, REACH, to Learn More

Strict Quality Control

A, Online production monitors sampling test every 1-2 hours, B, Average data based on test results from dozens of random samples before delivery, C, Coordinate with customer-designated independent third-party testing agency like SGS throughout process

Material application in Your Production Facility

Online assistance and guidance 365 days, if any quality accident and emergency situation occured, SIKO will send engineer to solve problem with customer team together on-site in your production facility,relevant travel expenses are covered by SIKO


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