Moldflow AnalysisMOLDFLOW

Helping customers to select suitable materials, providing beautiful and stable color and color scheme, optimizing the structure design of plastic parts, recommending befitting mold design, to participate in the whole process of trial production and mass production, and solve all the problems in the manufacturing process

Product Design

Material Selection

Mold Design

Injection Process

Quality Improvement

The thickness of the sign is thin and it’s not easy to be fully injected.

It is suggested that the height of the rib should be lowered, or the widen 5mm and thicken 0.3mm.

The pressure of the cooling runner of the one point side gate is not good at the ends , the column shrinkage is not easy to adjust, it is recommended to use two points sequence valve heat flow path.

Product design: to predict the structure design of the product, optimize the structure design, and reduce the excessive material performance requirement.

Mold design: Recommend the designing plan for the key structure of the mold at the beginning in order to decrease the chance of changing the mold later.


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