What solutions Siko can offer to you ?

Costing Down Safely

Costing Down Safely

In the current competitive market situation, how to costing down safely is always be the first concern of the boss of each company or your customers, we very deeply understand the...

New Product Develop & Design

New Product Develop & Design

In order to serve customers and market well, every producer need to be ready for develop and design new products, we will build a quick personal direct discussion bridge between us...

Customized Composite Material

Customized Composite Material

We can customized all properties according to customers request, such as high strength, high impact, enhanced thermal heat stabilized, hydrolysis resistant, UV-resistant, Flame...

Technical Service & Supporting

Technical Service & Supporting

We can offer the quickest technical consulting service and support from the project beginning, including prototyping analysis, product structure design suggestion, mold making...

Why Siko can offer you perfect solutions?

With combined powerful abilities on R&D, manufacturing, quality control and 15 years world widely exporting experiences, ensure us to satisfy your strict request on material continuous and stable high quality, competitive price and always fast lead time.

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R&D Ability
Manufacturing Ability
Quality Control Ability
15 Years Exporting Experiences Ability

Professional and quickest technical and commercial communication service, from material idea to end product 15 years rich experiences working with worldwide customers, global exporting and domestic foreign investment...

We totally have 5 R&D teams, about 90 engineers, which has rich experiences on all kinds of polymers material from PPS, PPO, PPA, PA46, PA66, PA6, PBT, PC, POM, LFT composite, PTFE composite, PP, ABS, HIPS and various kinds of alloy material.

With our 5 producing facilities in China, total have 35 double screw advanced automatically production lines, annual productivity total around 150,000 MT, including all kinds of engineering plastics and high performance material.

With total 8 laboratories, we can test all the material properties according to request, from raw material in-coming testing, producing online watching, and random inspection of finished products before delivery...

Our Overseas Market serving customers: ore than 28 countries we are exporting to now.

Europe: Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Russia, Belarus etc.

Siko Blog

Seven key points to note in plastic injection molding

The properties and process parameters of plastic injection molding are affected by many aspects. Different plastics need to formulate the forming parameters suitable for their properties in order to obtain the best mechanical properties.

Engineering plastic PEEK

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a thermoplastic aromatic polymer material. It is a kind of special engineering plastic with excellent performance, especially showing super strong heat resistance, friction resistance and dimensional stability.

The introduction to plastic

Plastics are polymeric compounds made from monomer as raw material through addition or condensation polymerization.

Current Development Status And Existing Problems Of Engineering Plastics

Polymer play key role in nearly every sector of the economy. As the demand for environmentally-friendly and durable plastic increases, key players in the industry adopt technology to meet the demand.

Development Prospects Of Plastic Particles

There is a massive increase in plastic production since 1964. Currently, there is an annual output of over 300 million metric tonnes of plastic production. The production is projected to double by 2030 and will quadruple by 2050.

How to adjust injection molding process parameters?

Temperature measurement and control are very important in injection molding. Although these measurements are relatively simple, most injection molding machines do not have sufficient temperature points or wiring.


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