Understanding Special High Temperature Material----PPSU

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PPSU is an amorphous thermal plastic with high transparency and high hydrolytic stability. Products can be subjected to repeated steam disinfection.


PPSU Polyphenylene sulfone resins PPSU polyphenylene sulfone resins is a product of the Polysulfone (PSF) series. Is a novel thermoplastic engineering plastic, refers to the main chain in the molecule containing sulfone group and aromatic nuclei of polymer compounds, non-crystalline.






1. It is suitable for making heat-resistant parts, insulating parts, wear-reducing and wear-resistant parts, instrument parts and medical equipment parts, and polyaromatic sulfone is suitable for making low-temperature working parts.


2. Polysulfone is often used in the electronic and electrical industry to manufacture integrated circuit boards, coil tube racks, contactors, sleeves, capacitive films and high-performance alkali battery shells.


3. Polysulfone is used in household appliances for microwave oven equipment, coffee heater, humidifier, hairdryer, cloth dryer, beverage and food distributor, catering tableware, water cup, milk bottle and so on. It can also be used as precision structural parts of clocks, photocopiers and cameras instead of non-ferrous metals.


4. Polysulfone has passed the relevant standards in the field of medicine and food in the United States, and can replace stainless steel products. Due to the characteristics of steam resistance, hydrolysis resistance, non-toxicity, high temperature steam disinfection, high transparency and good dimensional stability, polysulfone can be used as surgical tool plate, sprayer, fluid controller, heart valve, pacemaker, gas mask, dental care, etc.


Because PPSU is a reassuring material, free of endocrine-disrupting carcinogenic chemicals (environmental hormone: bisphenol A), and as an excellent heat-resistant material, the heat-resistant temperature is as high as 207C. Due to repeatable high temperature boiling, steam disinfection. With excellent drug resistance and acid and alkali resistance, can withstand general potions and detergents cleaning, will not produce chemical changes. Lightweight, fall-resistant, it is the best in terms of safety, temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and impact resistance. But the price is relatively expensive.






1, sulfone resin is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic:


2, rigidity and toughness: physical and mechanical properties and electrical properties can be maintained in a wide range.


3, continuous use temperature:


4, unique flame retardancy, low smoke and chemical resistance, but also has a high melt viscosity, easy to produce products with uniform properties.




Sulfone resin is mainly used in electronic and electrical, food utensils, dairy processing equipment and some daily necessities, automobile, aviation, medical and general industrial sectors, making all kinds of contactors, connectors, transformer insulators, SCR caps, insulating sleeves, coil frames, wiring posts, printed circuit boards, bushings, covers, TV system parts, capacitor films, brush holders, alkaline battery boxes, wire and cable covering.

Sulfone resin can also be used as shield components, electric gears, battery covers, aircraft internal and external parts, spacecraft external shields, camera baffles, lamp components, sensors. Instead of glass and stainless steel to make steam plates, coffee containers, microwave cooking conditioners, milk containers, milking parts, beverage and food dispensers. There are surgical plates, sprayers, humidifiers, dental instruments, flow controllers and laboratory instruments in sanitary and medical instruments, which are used as binders with high bonding strength for dental insertion. to be used as pump cover, tower protective layer, acid-resistant nozzle, pipe, valve container and so on in chemical equipment. Polysulfone resin in China is mainly used in medical devices, food processing machinery, electronic instruments and textiles.




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