Properties and Application of Super Engineering Plastics PEI

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Polyetherimide, referred to as PEI, is a kind of transparent amber amorphous polyetherimide super engineering plastic, which has the best high temperature resistance and dimensional stability, and belongs to amorphous plastics.


Its molecular structure is as follows:






1. Excellent properties of polyetherimide:


1. High temperature resistance (HDT > 200C, UL continuous application temperature > 170C).


2. Excellent flame retardancy (oxygen index > 4.7, low smoke and UL94V-0/5V).


3. No need to add flame retardant.


4. Excellent electrical performance (stable dielectric constant, dielectric loss and extremely high dielectric strength over a wide frequency and temperature range).


5. Excellent chemical resistance and radiation resistance.


6. Unique strength and rigidity.


7. Transparency. PEI resin can be widely used in high temperature resistant terminals, IC bases, lighting equipment, flexible circuit boards, liquid delivery equipment, aircraft internal parts, medical equipment and household appliances, etc.


2. The disadvantages of PEI:

Contains BPA (bisphenol A), which limits its application in infant related products.


Notch impact sensitivity.


Alkali resistance is general, especially under heating conditions.


Application field


PEI has excellent performance and has a broad market in communications, automotive, aerospace, medical and other industries.


1. The field of communication


PEI material is used as optical fiber connector, optical transceiver module optical module, radio frequency connector insulator, base station cavity filter plastic cavity, filter tuning screw, antenna internal fixed screw, ring phase shifter bracket, etc. In addition, foamed PEI material also has advantages in millimeter wave radome.


2. Aerospace and aviation


PEI can be used in aerospace, such as air and fuel valves, food tray containers, steering wheel, internal panels and various structural components; PEI unidirectional belt with available seat frame and suitcase, etc.


3. Automotive


PEI can be used in automotive control valves, oil pumps, headlights, lidar, fenders and other parts, PEI film can be used as high temperature dielectric film for capacitors.



4. Medical field


PEI can be used in medical devices. Such as ventilator, anesthetic machine, disinfection tray, surgical guide plate, pipette and laboratory animal cage and so on.




In addition, PEI is also used in household appliances, dinner plates for microwave ovens and glasses frames.

Thus it can be seen that PEI is indeed a powerful and versatile material.



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