Trading / Distribution / Agent

Trading / Distribution / Agent

If you are trading company, or are very interested to be our distributor and agent in your local country, how SIKO can serve you?

SIKO' Solutions and Advantages

Material Variety

Full range of high performance polymers, which are equivalent to a lot of well-known brands, please visit our comparison list here, to Learn More

Production Capacity

SIKO united 5 production facilities, with a total of 300,000 annual production, 58 advanced production lines, 6 laboratories, R&D team with 72 engineers.Learn More


Compare to these other brands, our price is much more competitive,which can benefit the end user customers and your company, win-win-win and achieve an all-win situation

Customized Composite Material

high strength, high impact, enhanced thermal heat stabilization, hydrolysis resistant, UV-resistant, Flame retardant(halogen free), Lubricated improved(PTFE, MOS2), anti-friction, wear-resistant, antistatic, creep resistant, metal replacement, thermal and electricity conductive etc.


Low and flexible MOQ request according to different projects


Normally free within 10kg, freight charges on your account, special cases are negotiated separately

Facilities Auditing

SIKO's all 5 production facilities will be open and welcome you to visit on site.


Based on both side professional many years experiences in this field, we can fix solutions together for end user clients quickly, by using our specialty, quick speed and high efficiency work to serve end user customers well.


Strict quality control process, fast quality response system, timely quality tracking and handling

Distribution and Agent Policy

According to different country market situation, we will negotiate the terms for a long term contract for mutual benefits.


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