A Merry Christmas Celebration To All Our Customers And Workers

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Just like the atmosphere of joy and merriment that greets other festivities and seasons of jubilation in a year, the Christmas celebration is one of its kinds and it's usually a great and special moment for all folks in China.


While many people eagerly anticipate the coming of this season of celebration, sharing, and love, we at Sikopolymer. Co., Ltd., are not left behind but fully involved in the preparatory activities leading to the Christmas.  


As an industry giant player with global recognition as the second to none in the manufacture of top-notch quality Injection pa6, our company and the team of trained professionals work tirelessly in making sure that our esteemed and loyal customers receive first-class treatment and products from us always.


Hence, during holidays and special festive seasons such as Christmas celebrations, our company always makes them a work-free day(s) to give room for our employees to have a nice time with their family and friends.  


Christmas celebration is a special period of the year that all our employees are eagerly waiting for because of the lots of rewarding activities and awards the company always give to them as a way of appreciating their impeccable contribution to the success of the company.


Going into this season of love and celebrations, the company organizes an end of the year party for her staff to award gifts to different categories of staff for their doggedness and commitment to the company.


The families of the staff and the entire board of management would be there for the whole activities in a very serene and exquisite environment.

 Merry Christmas

They also create a special event to connect to all her customers across the globe and also give special packages to well-deserving and loyal customers for their patronage.


Doing this has a great impact on fostering the relationship amongst our staff and motivating them to perform at their best after the period of celebration.


Again, with this special treat from the company, our staff would return to work with renewed passion and unique ideas in serving our growing global customers.


And to all our teeming customers worldwide who have been loyal in patronizing us for their quality products, we want to assure you of our unwavering commitment to giving you the best quality injection pa6 that will give you value for money.


We would like to use this avenue to wish all our old time and new customers a very wonderful Christmas celebration. Please stay safe as we celebrate!


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