A must see injection molding factory! 10 Ways to Save Money and Increase Efficiency

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In the existing injection molding industry are faced with:

Raw material rise

Labor costs are skyrocketing

Recruits difficult

High staff turnover

Product prices go down

Industry competition is increasingly fierce problem.


Injection, now in its transformation, small profit, and the industry reshuffle era. As a professional plastic alloys supplier, our injection molding workshop management needs to set up "scientific, perfect, systematic, standardized operation of the management system, to do" everything is someone tube, everyone steward "working environment department, work efficiency of each position for injection molding workshop, manpower reduction measures and Suggestions for the following:

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First. The upper and lower mold workers to improve work efficiency, reduce the measures of manpower

1. Make good production planning and reduce the number of machine replacement due to improper machine arrangement.


2. Reasonably set the thimble times and ejecting length to reduce the frequent occurrence of needle breaking in production.


3. Strengthen mold cleaning, lubrication and captivity in the production process to reduce mold failure rate.


4. Strictly control the phenomenon of mold pressing in the process of injection molding production, and reduce The Times of mold falling maintenance.


Second. By improving the level of mold designers, improving the quality and efficiency of mold testers, and reducing the workload of mold testers, the purpose of reducing mold testers is to:

1. Use mold flow analysis software to design the mold, optimize the structure of the mold, and improve the effect of the mold runner, gate, cooling, exhaust and demoulding.


2. Reduce the increase of times of mold modification, mold repair and mold test caused by mold structure problems


3. Conducted injection molding technology training for mold designers, and fully considered the material performance, injection molding process requirements and injection molding quality requirements when designing the mold


Third. Adjusting personnel to improve work efficiency, reduce the measures of manpower

1. Implement automatic and unmanned injection molding method to reduce the adjustment machine caused by the instability of manual boot.


2. Control the ambient temperature of the workshop to achieve the purpose of stabilizing mold temperature, material temperature and injection process conditions.


3. Formulate standard process conditions, reasonably arrange production machines, and ensure the repetition of process conditions.


Forth. Measures to improve working efficiency and reduce manpower of ingredients personnel

1. The batching room shall increase the number of mixers (mixers), divide the colors and the types of plastic materials, and be equipped with enough and appropriate tools for cleaning the mixer to improve the efficiency of cleaning the mixer and shorten or reduce the time and workload of cleaning the mixer.


2. If there are many mixers, a variety of materials can be mixed at the same time to reduce the number of batchers.


3. Change the traditional way of batching according to shift, carry out batching according to single, make raw material rack, complete the materials needed by the order at one time, reduce the time and workload of cleaning the mixing machine.


4. Make a good ingredient plan and make the ingredient board to prevent the occurrence of mismatching and multi-matching. The materials before and after the ingredients should be clearly marked to reduce the workload of the ingredients by reducing the occurrence of problems.


5. Train the batching staff to improve their working ability, quality and efficiency, so as to reduce the number of staff.


Fifth. Feeding personnel to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower measures

1. Make suitable feeding ladder to facilitate feeding and improve feeding efficiency.


2. Put the materials that need to be added into the designated area according to the machine, and the materials of each machine should be clearly marked. In order not to add the wrong material.


3. Use side automatic suction machine instead of manual feeding.


4. Adopts central feeding system and color master proportional valve to realize automatic feeding.


5. Improve the bucket, reduce the feeding frequency, so as to reduce the feeding personnel.


Sixth. Measures to improve the working efficiency and reduce the manpower of the material crusher

1. The crusher is added in the crusher room, and the crusher is separated according to the type and color of raw materials, so as to reduce the workload of cleaning the crusher.


2. Make glue box support to reduce the time for crusher to take nozzle and reduce labor intensity.


3. The use of automatic transmission belt crusher, reduce the workload of the crusher (one person can use two of the same crushing).


4. Separate the crusher placement area to avoid cross contamination.

Strictly control the purity of the outlet material, reduce the time for the crusher to clean up the foreign matter in the outlet material.


5. By improving mold quality, injection molding technology and management level, control defective products and nozzle quantity, reduce the workload of the crusher.

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Seventh. Measures to improve working efficiency and reduce manpower of injection molding machine operators

1. Use manipulator and conveyor belt instead of hand to take out products and nozzle, realize automatic and unmanned production, and reduce manual boot.


2. The injection mold must be cleaned, lubricated and capatised to prevent wear and tear of thimble, slider, guide pillar and guide sleeve, causing the product to produce burr. Clean up the glue scraps, glue filaments, oil stains and dust on the joint surface to reduce the burr around the product caused by the damage and compression of the parting surface. Preservation of Captivity of Mold


Eighth. IPQC measures to improve work efficiency and reduce manpower

1. Clarify product quality standards (size, appearance, material, assembly, color...)

And for customer complaints, return of abnormal points to focus on confirmation, make a product "first inspection record sheet", must wait for the first inspection confirmed OK before putting into mass production.


2. Change the concept of "post-inspection", strengthen process control, and aim at the parts (thimble, parting surface, pinhole...) that are prone to change.

And the point at which quality is likely to change (meal times, shift hours...).

Conduct key monitoring, try to stabilize the quality of injection parts, reduce or eliminate IPQC personnel.

Ninth. The mold repair personnel to improve the work efficiency, reduce the measures of manpower

1. Enhance the use, maintenance and capativeness of injection mold, reduce mold failure rate and repair modulus.

Strengthen the rust prevention of the mold, reduce the occurrence of mold rust phenomenon.


2. Use appropriate mold steel (corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance), and ensure that the mold has enough rigidity and hardness, to extend the service life of the mold.


3. The moving parts of the mold (vulnerable workpiece) are made into inserts, which are made of wear-resistant steel and quenched to facilitate rapid maintenance and increase the service life.


Tenth. Repair personnel to improve the work efficiency, reduce the measures of manpower

1. Change the idea of maintenance when equipment is broken, change from maintenance after the event to the idea of prevention and preservation of captivity beforehand. Difference between preventive and predictive capativeness.


2.Formulate rules of using, maintaining and preserving captivity for injection molding machines, and arrange special personnel to check, maintain and preserve captivity for injection molding machines and surrounding equipment.


3. Use, check, maintain, clean, lubricate and save captivity of injection molding machine and its peripheral equipment, reduce its failure rate, extend its service life and reduce the maintenance work.


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