Auxiliary machines for plastic processing

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In the plastic processing industry, whether it is hollow extrusion molding press forming, or blown film spinning, etc., in addition to the main equipment, often need a large number of auxiliary equipment to finish the machining process of plastic auxiliary equipment automation and rationalization of WanShanHua to a certain extent determines the quality of the product and the enterprise's survival ability according to their functional division, plastic auxiliary machinery including pretreatment and feeder system temperature control system of shuikou recycling crushing equipment.

Post-processing -- humidification equipment and other categories, in the plastic processing process, play a different role, as follows we will introduce each type of auxiliary machine.


1.Dehumidification dryer


Drying equipment 


Drying equipment is an essential auxiliary machine for engineering plastic pretreatment. According to different principles, it is mainly divided into vacuum drying and wheel dehumidification drying


The poor quality of plastic products in injection or extrusion production can be attributed to not being adequately dried before forming.

When there is more residual water in the material, the water will overflow in the molding high temperature condition, which will disturb the molding process and lead to different defects of the product, such as bubble, silver grain, cracking, flow mark, poor transparency and so on.


It has been proved that the dry air used for plastic raw materials reaches the dew point below -30 ~ 40℃, and is heated to a certain temperature at the same time. After blowing through the surface of wet plastic particles, the moisture content of plastic can be reduced to below 0.02% to ensure a better molding effect.

And the traditional dryer is very difficult to do this, so for the dry hysteretic engineering plastics, such as PC, PA, PBT, PPS, LCP, etc., need to use dehumidification dryer.


Air drying equipment 


Dehumidification drying equipment 


2. Ordinary hot air drying equipment

Hot air dryer 


The working principle of the hot air dryer is to blow out the air from the bottom after heating, and directly remove the drying materials. Because there is no dehumidification link, it has the advantages of low cost and easy maintenance, etc., corresponding to drying universal plastic is a more suitable solution;

But its disadvantage is also very obvious: because there is no dehumidification, there is still moisture in the air, so for the dry engineering plastic is far from being completely dry, the effect will be greatly reduced, if the air temperature is simply increased, there will be material caking, burning and other problems, seriously affect the material performance.



The manipulator can be used for taking parts, cutting rubber mouth, separating cold water mouth and other operations, which greatly improves the production efficiency, saves labor, and the follow-up maintenance cost is also very low. It is a necessary auxiliary machine for injection molding manufacturing enterprises.


4.Mold temperature machine

Mold temperature machine 

Mold temperature machine is very important for injection molding. There are the following advantages of using mold temperature machine:


A. Improve product quality.

All the plastic is the physical phenomenon of heat bilges cold shrink, so if the mold temperature is not stable, or control, injection products will appear water lines, shrinkage, distortion, deformation and surface gloss adverse phenomenon, can cause mold to keep proper temperature, sharply reduce the number of clamping and reduce the defective rate of FRP products, to ensure product quality.


B. Improve production efficiency.

Before injection molding, it can automatically control the mold temperature, quickly heating to the required temperature and always keep constant temperature, reducing the time needed for preheating the mold before injection molding.

There is no need to worry about the high mold temperature for sustainable work, and the machine will stop during the production, and there will be no need to wait for the temperature to rise because the mold temperature drops, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and other benefits.


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