How much do you know about injection mold test?

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The purpose of:


In order to ensure that the mold can produce qualified products, normal production, to ensure that the mold production service life, to meet the production and use requirements of product design. Standard from the product quality, mold structure, injection molding process requirements and other aspects of the mold standards recognized, based on the mold quality assessment, through training, to understand the plastic mold trial process and matters needing attention.




1. Be familiar with the process of mold test and the key matters needing attention in the process of mold test by understanding the following materials.

To understand the actual process of mold test by visiting the site for practice.

3. Check mold appearance, mold materials, gating system and supporting mold.

Reset, pull out the plug core, take part, exhaust.

Water transport system, injection molding process molding system,

Product appearance. Dimensions.

 plastic mold

Function to cooperate with acceptance:


Third. As the acceptance party of the mould, it should be clear before and during the mould test.


Before test mode:

(1) in the mold design stage: in the technical communication with the mold manufacturer, it is necessary to confirm the applicable machine of the mold, capacity requirements, whether to use the automatic production mode mold life requirements, the shrinkage rate of the product material setting, the mold structure (according to the mold into the glue method to determine),PL line design.


For important appearance parts, the mold manufacturer is also required to carry out mold flow analysis in order to better foresee the possible defects of the mold in production and evaluate them.


(2) Before the first mold test is conducted after the mold manufacturing is completed

Confirmed whether the mold has strengthened protection device (such as whether there is a forced exit mechanism or a thimble plate limit switch mechanism, these mechanisms are to ensure that the mold will not be damaged to the mold under abnormal conditions).


Confirm whether the ejection and exit mechanism of the mold is installed

Ejecting out of the withdrawal mechanism is common rod mechanism (whether the rod is balanced, the number of rods is not enough to confirm) and the cylinder mechanism, sometimes there will be gas-assisted ejecting assistance, because the nozzle needle does not do a Z shape to pull the cold material level (found in the production of six workshop often nozzle sticky mold) * return rod end face smooth, no spot welding. Embryo head bottom without gasket, spot welding. Where the slider mold should be in the slider movement should be open oil groove


After the mold is installed on the injection machine, do not rush to carry out the injection molding immediately. Instead, the technician is required to set the injection molding machine in the manual operation mode and manually execute each action of the mold.



1. Thimble ejection (determine whether ejection is smooth and balanced, whether the position is enough for the product to fall off, and whether abnormal frictional sound is emitted)


2. Thimble reset (whether the thimble can be restored in place, if not, it will cause damage to the membrane cavity of the front mold, and it should be checked in time

Then execute the next step.)


3. Whether the thimble is installed in limited position and whether the slider can slide in place.


4. Whether the mold can be closed and opened normally.


After the above preliminary work is confirmed, the mold can be adjusted.

 plastic mold

In addition, in addition to the size of the sample itself, appearance and other defects, but also combined with a general assembly confirmation.

Therefore, every time the test mold, have to try to bring all the assembly parts.

The overall assembly confirmation can have a more direct understanding of the assembly problems existing in the test products. In addition, for the existing assembly problems, it can be more convenient to analyze and modify the scheme.

It can avoid complexity and save time.

The acceptance of the mould, the new mould before the mould test and the mould test process are described as follows.


1. Make sure that all problem points have been solved, and that there will be no problem after normal production (for example, 5000 beer) on the specified machine


2. Clarify the vulnerable parts of the mold, and require the mold workshop to provide spare parts of the vulnerable parts, so as to prevent the production from being affected by the damage of the vulnerable parts during production.


3. Apply anti-rust paint to the exposed part of the mold and make the name of the mold.


4. The surface of the product is not allowed to be defective: lack of material, burning, white top, material flower, burr, blister, white pull (crack, pull off), shrinkage, snake pattern.


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