The Main Application Areas of High Temperature Nylon

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High temperature nylon has been developed and applied more and more downstream in recent years because of its excellent performance, and the market demand has continued to rise. It has been widely used in electronic appliances, automotive manufacturing, LED and other fields.


1. Electronic and electrical field


With the development of electronic components to miniaturization, integration and high efficiency, there are further requirements for the heat resistance and other properties of materials. The application of the new surface mount technology (SMT) has raised the heat-resistant temperature requirement for the material from the previous 183°C to 215°C, and at the same time, the heat-resistant temperature of the material is required to reach 270~280°C, which cannot be met by traditional materials.




Due to the outstanding inherent characteristics of high temperature resistant nylon material, it not only has a heat deformation temperature above 265 °C, but also has good toughness and excellent fluidity, so it can meet the high temperature resistance requirements of SMT technology for components.





High temperature nylon can be used in the following fields and markets: connectors, USB sockets, power connectors, circuit breakers, motor parts, etc. in 3C products.


2. Automotive field


With the improvement of people's consumption level, the automotive industry is developing towards the trend of light weight, energy saving, environmental protection and comfort. Weight reduction can save energy, increase car battery life, reduce brake and tire wear, extend service life, and most importantly, effectively reduce vehicle exhaust emissions.


In the automotive industry, traditional engineering plastics and some metals are being gradually replaced by heat-resistant materials. For example, in the engine area, compared with the chain tensioner made of PA66, the chain tensioner made of high temperature nylon has a lower wear rate and higher cost performance; parts made of high temperature nylon have a longer service life in high temperature corrosive media ; In the automotive control system, due to its excellent heat resistance, high temperature nylon has many applications in a series of exhaust control components (such as various housings, sensors, connectors and switches, etc.).




High temperature nylon can also be used in recyclable oil filter housings to withstand high temperature from the engine, road bumps and harsh weather erosion; in automotive generator systems, high temperature polyamide can be used in generators, starting Machines and Micromotors and so on.


3. LED field


LED is an emerging and rapidly developing industry. Due to its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and earthquake resistance, it has won wide attention and unanimous praise from the market. In the past ten years, the compound annual growth rate of my country's LED lighting industry has exceeded 30%.




In the process of packaging and manufacturing LED products, local high heat will occur, which poses certain challenges to the temperature resistance of plastics. At present, low-power LED reflector brackets have fully used high-temperature nylon materials. PA10T material and PA9T material have become the largest pillar materials in the industry.


4. Other fields


High temperature resistant nylon material has the advantages of high heat resistance, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, etc., which can ensure that the material has high strength and high rigidity for long-term use in a humid environment, and is an ideal material to replace metal.


At present, in notebook computers, mobile phones, remote controls and other products, the development trend of using high-temperature-resistant nylon materials reinforced with high glass fiber content to replace metal as the structural frame has been highlighted.



High-temperature nylon can replace metal to achieve a thin and light design, and can be used in notebook casings and tablet casings. Its excellent high temperature resistance and dimensional stability make it widely used in notebook fans and interfaces.


The application of high temperature nylon in mobile phones includes mobile phone middle frame, antenna, camera module, speaker bracket, USB connector, etc.




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