Types of Advanced Engineering Plastic Particles You Can Choose From?

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When it comes to the production of high-quality plastic products for various domestic and industrial applications, the plastic polymer remains an indispensable option.


And like you may already know, these plastic polymers exist in various forms since they are all well suited for various plastic production processes.


However, before dashing into the market to purchase plastic polymer for your use, the first step to take is to identify and partner with a professional PA66-GF supplier that is well-grounded in the trade.


And one of the ways to certify an expert manufacturer is by ensuring that they have a professional color matching process during their production of advanced engineering plastic particles.


So, now that you’ve known where to begin in your search for a high-quality PPO-GF, let’s quickly take a look at the various high-quality plastic particles which are used for different plastic production.


1. High-Quality Engineering Plastic

Just as the name suggests, these types of plastic polymer are usually referred to as advanced engineering plastic particles since they seem to be high adapted for the production of various industrial plastic materials of various shapes.


Some common example of this engineering plastic include;

• PA66- GF, FR

• PA6- GF, FR


• PC- GF, FR


• PP- GF, FR


• ASA - GF, FR

• ABS- GF, FR V0



2. Special Polymer Composite Compound

The special polymer composite compounds are another category of high-quality plastic polymer which are reinforced with other additives that give them high plasticity, low electrical conductivity, toughness, as well as low density.  


One other outstanding feature of the special polymer composite compounds is the fact that they are 100% virgin and eco-friendly without giving concerns about environmental degradation.


Some typical example of some plastic polymer within this category you can source from a reliable high-quality PPO-GF supplier include;



• PA46- GF, FR

• PK- Unfilled, GF, FR

• PEI- Unfilled, GF, CF

• PEEK-Unfilled, GF, CF

• PA612- GF, FR

• MOS2+PA6/PA66/PA46 Composite

• PTFE +PA66/POM/PA46/PPS Composite


plastic polymer

3. Plastic Alloy

Plastic alloy, which is also known as plastic blends are another high-quality category of polymer plastic which are usually modified by professional advanced engineering plastic particle manufacturers for the purpose of achieving a high level of functionalization, specialization, and performance for their end-user application.


Due to their high tensile strength as well as an appealing appearance after production, they are mostly employed in the electrical& electronics, automotive, office equipment, medical equipment, home appliances, and many other products.


Most outstanding about the plastic alloy is the fact that they can greatly enhance the ecstatic properties of an ordinary polymer, and also help to reduce material cost during the production process in the plastic industry.  


Some common examples of plastic alloy you can find very useful for various industrial applications include:








4. Other High-Quality Plastic Polymer

Due to the wide application of plastic polymer for various uses, they come in a wide range of specifications that may seem endless in categorization.


However, the bottom line remains that; with the help of a reputable and professional advanced engineering plastic particle manufacturer, you can always be guided on the best and right choice to make for your project.


Among this category are the following;

• PI (Polyimide) powder, rod, sheet, CNC design products

• Thermoplastics TPE&TPU

• PP+10%-60% LFT (Long glass fiber)


And like other plastic polymers in this post, these miscellaneous plastic polymers are all made of 100% virgin material, and they can also be well manipulated and customized to meet individual’s needs.


Wrap Up

Plastic polymers come in different forms, which are well-suited for various applications as well. So, choosing the best for you might turn out a really overwhelming task to accomplish.


But with a reliable and professional advanced engineering plastic particle manufacturer, who has the expertise to carry out the best color matching, you will be sure that you are paying for nothing less than a 100% virgin material- produced plastic polymer.


Sure, with that, you can tell that you've made the best deal for your hard-earned money.  


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