What are the hot applications for PC polycarbonate?

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What are the hot applications for PC polycarbonate?


The application and development of polycarbonate is to develop in the direction of high compound, high function, special and serialization. It has launched various special grades and brands for optical disc, automobile, office equipment, box, packaging, medicine, lighting, film and other products.

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Building materials industry


Polycarbonate sheet has good light transmittance, impact resistance, uv radiation resistance, dimensional stability of products and good molding performance, so that it has obvious technical advantages over traditional inorganic glass used in construction industry.


Automobile industry


Polycarbonate has good impact resistance, thermal distortion resistance, and good weather resistance, high hardness, so it is suitable for the production of various parts of cars and light trucks, its application is mainly concentrated in the lighting system, instrument panels, heating plates, defrosting and bumper made of polycarbonate alloy.


Medical apparatus and instruments


Because polycarbonate products can withstand steam, cleaning agents, heat and high dose radiation disinfection without yellowing and physical degradation, they are widely used in artificial kidney hemodialysis equipment and other medical devices that need to be operated under transparent and intuitive conditions and repeatedly sterilized. Such as the production of high-pressure syringes, surgical masks, disposable dental appliances, blood separator and so on.

Aeronautics and Astronautics


With the rapid development of aviation and space technology, the requirements of aircraft and spacecraft components continue to improve, so that THE application of PC in this field is also increasing. According to statistics, there are 2500 polycarbonate parts used in a Single Boeing aircraft, and the consumption of polycarbonate is about 2 tons. On the spacecraft, hundreds of fibre-glass reinforced polycarbonate components and protective equipment for astronauts are used.




A new growth area in packaging is reusable and reusable bottles of various sizes. Because polycarbonate products have the advantages of light weight, impact resistance and good transparency, washing treatment with hot water and corrosive solution does not deform and remain transparent, some areas of PC bottles have completely replaced glass bottles.


Electrical and electronic


Polycarbonate is an excellent insulating material because of its good and constant electrical insulation in a wide range of temperature and humidity. At the same time, its good flammability and dimensional stability, so that it has formed a broad application field in the electronic and electrical industry.


Polycarbonate resin is mainly used in the production of various food processing machinery, power tools shell, body, bracket, refrigerator freezer drawer and vacuum cleaner parts. In addition, polycarbonate materials also show high application value in important parts of computers, video recorders and color TV sets, which require high precision.


Optical lens


Polycarbonate occupies a very important position in this field because of its unique characteristics of high light transmittance, high refractive index, high impact resistance, dimensional stability and easy machining.


Made by optical grade poly carbonate with optical lens not only can be used for the camera, telescope, microscope and optical instruments, etc., can also be used for film projector lens, duplicator, infrared automatic focus lens, projector lens lens, laser printer and a variety of prism, faceted reflector, and many other office equipment and home appliance field, it has an extremely extensive application market.


Another important application of polycarbonate in optical lenses is as a lens material for children's eyeglasses, sunglasses and safety lenses and adult eyeglasses. The average annual growth rate of polycarbonate consumption in the world eyewear industry has been more than 20%, showing great market vitality.


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