Why Use Biodegradable Plastic Material?

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Why use biodegradable plastics?


Plastic is an important basic material. With the rapid development of economy and society and the emergence of a large number of new industries such as e-commerce, express delivery and takeout, the consumption of plastic products is rising rapidly.

Plastic not only brings great convenience to people's life, but also causes "white pollution", which seriously harms the ecological environment and human health.

China has clearly put forward the goal of building a beautiful China, and the control of "white pollution" is the need to improve the quality of the ecological environment and build a beautiful China.


What is biodegradable plastics?


Degradable plastics are plastics that are degraded by the action of microorganisms in nature, such as soil, sandy soil, fresh water environment, seawater environment and specific conditions such as composting or anaerobic digestion, and finally completely degraded into carbon dioxide (CO2) or / and methane (CH4), water (H2O) and mineralized inorganic salts of their elements, as well as new biomass (such as dead microorganisms, etc.).


What are the categories of degradable plastics?


According to the Standard Guide for Classification and labeling of degradable plastic products organized by China Federation of Light Industry, degradable plastics have different degradation behaviors in soil, compost, ocean, fresh water (rivers, rivers, lakes) and other environments.

According to different environmental conditions, degradable plastics can be divided into:

Soil degradable plastics, composting degradable plastics, fresh water environment degradable plastics, sludge anaerobic digestion degradable plastics, high solid anaerobic digestion degradable plastics.


What is the difference between degradable plastics and ordinary plastics (non-degradable)?


Traditional plastics are mainly made of polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other polymer compounds with molecular weights of hundreds of thousands and stable chemical structure, which are difficult to be degraded by microorganisms.

It takes 200 years and 400 years for traditional plastics to degrade in the natural environment, so it is easy to cause environmental pollution by throwing away traditional plastics at will.

Biodegradable plastics are quite different from traditional plastics in chemical structure. their polymer main chains contain a large number of ester bonds, which can be digested and utilized by microorganisms, and finally decomposed into small molecules, which will not cause lasting pollution to the environment.


Are the common "environmentally friendly plastic bags" on the market biodegradable?


According to the labeling requirements of GB/T 38082-2019 "Biodegradable plastic Shopping bags", according to the different uses of shopping bags, the shopping bags should be clearly marked "food direct contact plastic shopping bags" or "non-food direct contact biodegradable plastic shopping bags". There is no "environmentally friendly plastic bag" logo.

The environmental protection plastic bags on the market are more gimmicks invented by businesses in the name of environmental protection. Please open your eyes and choose carefully.


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