Achievements of high performance plastics in medical field

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In the medical device market, we can easily see the many applications of high performance plastics, such as surgical handles and brackets, anesthesia machine chassis, dental lighting, syringe housings, hearing aids, non-invasive breathing masks, in vitro fertilization containers, and so on.


Among them, high rigidity and strength, high dimensional stability and low warpage, excellent impact strength, light weight, sterilization, chemical resistance, smooth surface quality of parts, etc. have become their key words. In some special applications, the transparency of nylon has also become an important selling point.


For many years, plastics suppliers have focused on the metal replacement and transparent application markets as key target markets for development.




1.      Metal replacement

However, for manufacturers accustomed to using metal medical devices, there are still some challenges in using reinforced high-performance plastics as a specific material for medical devices.


To help customers make this transition, reinforced engineering plastics suppliers have done a lot of research on end-use, biosafety and economics, and have developed practical metal alternatives to help medical device manufacturers understand reinforced plastic products Price advantage and performance advantage in the field of medical devices.


2.      Transparent nylon


Transparent nylon is an amorphous or microcrystalline thermoplastic nylon with high light transmittance, close to optical glass.


Transparent nylon has excellent performance, non-toxic and tasteless, and has been used in medical equipment, food and beverage packaging, precision instruments, optical instruments, electronic appliances, automobile manufacturing, machinery, aviation, sporting goods and other fields. Among them, the field of precision parts manufacturing is an important application market for transparent nylon.



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