Application of Engineering Plastic PBT in Electronic and Electrical Industry

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Polybutylene terephthalate(PBT). At present, more than 80% of the world's PBT are modified after use, PBT modified engineering plastics with its excellent physical, mechanical and electrical characteristics in the electrical and electronic field is increasingly widely used.


Modified PBT material properties


1. Excellent mechanical properties, especially high rigidity and hardness;

2. Good heat resistance, thermal deformation temperature can reach 180 or above;

3. Good surface gloss performance, especially suitable for spraying free electronic and electrical products;

4. Fast crystallization speed, good fluidity, good molding;

5. Good thermal stability, especially low thermal expansion rate and size shrinkage rate;

6. Good resistance to chemicals, solvents, weather resistance, high dielectric strength, good electrical performance;

7. Low hygroscopicity, little influence on electrical and dimensional stability.


PBT material series products


Modification   Plan



Glassfiber   Reinforced

Modified   PBT, with glassfiber reinforced  

+20%   GF

Home   appliance skeleton, power tool exterior, lawn mower

+30%   GF

+40%   GF

Flame   Retardant Grade

Modified   PBT, flame retardant

+15%   GF, FR V0

Electrical   connector, compressor terminal board, electric housing, lamp holder material

+30%   GF, FR V0

Modified   PBT, halogen-free flame retardant

Halogen-free   flame retardant

Electrical   connector, compressor terminal board, electric housing, lamp holder material

General   FR V0

Connectors,   timers, electrical switches, adapters

Normal   flame retardant

Paper   white FR V0

Filled   Grade

Modified   PBT, with mineral reinforced

Filler   reinforced, good dimensional stability

Auto parts


Application of PBT in electronic and electrical industry


Electrical   name

Energy-saving   lamp



Vending   machines, telephones

PBT’s   specific applications

Energy-saving   lamp head

Partial   coil frame

Slots   and connectors on the motherboard

Part   of telephone enclosure

Focusing   potentiometer housing

External   ports such as USB

Partial   coil frame

Connector   on circuit board

Heat   dissipation fan on the CPU chip

Miniature   relay housing

Miniature   relay housing

Cooling   fan



1. Energy-saving lamp holder


PBT is widely used in the energy saving lamp industry. More than 90% of plastic energy saving lamp heads are made of PBT material. Product performance requirements good color, color transparent, color selection, UL94 flame retardant V0, good electrical insulation, good mechanical properties, easy to process.


2. The connector


Connector material is mainly glass fiber reinforced PBT, performance requirements to UL 94 V0 flame retardant, good strength and toughness, low moisture absorption, electrical and dimensional stability little influence, good surface, good luster, no obvious floating fiber.


3. Computer cooling fan


The product performance requirements can withstand the high temperature of 130 for a long time, good surface gloss performance and high flame retardant performance.


4. Other products



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