Property and Application of Flame Retardant PC Materials and Alloys

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Polycarbonate (PC), is a colorless transparent thermoplastic material. The flame retardant principle of flame retardant PC is to catalyze the combustion of PC into carbon, so as to achieve the purpose of flame retardant. Flame retardant PC materials are widely used in electronic and electrical fields.




The main characteristics of flame retardant PC materials


1, flame retardant performance: in line with the industry UL94 V0/1.5mm; Through the United States UL certification;


2. Falling ball impact: 1.3m/500g steel ball free-falling impact;


3, ultrasonic welding: welding can pass the free drop test;


4, environmental performance: can Reach ROHS, halogen free, REACH and other industry regulations;


5, high heat resistance: thermal deformation temperature (1.82MPa/3.20mm) up to 127.


Application of flame retardant PC: high-end charger, lamp cap, switch panel, OA equipment and other electronic and electrical products.


High flow flame retardant PC material


Good fluidity, easy to form;

Forming shrinkage rate is small;

Good toughness, can be sprayed, can be radium carving;

Good flame retardant, up to UL V0/1.5 grade.


Application of flame retardant PC: three anti mobile phone, tablet back shell, back cover of all-in-one computer, etc.


PC/ABS alloy is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic alloy with excellent performance, easy processing, high quality and low price, and very commercial value. It is widely used in automobile industry, household appliances and office equipment and other fields. In order to meet the requirements of fire safety in the application field, PC/ABS alloy must have good flame retardant, flame retardant PC/ABS alloy material is on this basis to improve the flame retardant of the material, with good fire performance.


Flame retardant PC/ABS alloy material has good flow performance, good processing performance, in line with the environmental protection requirements of ROHS, good fire performance, impact resistance, more balanced performance.


Application of flame retardant PC/ABS alloy materials


General application: Mainly used in the case of office equipment, such as: printer, copier, monitor, projector, etc.


High gloss application: High gloss case, charger and other electronic products.


Fill enhancement application field: tablet computer, laptop brain and other electronic products.


High heat resistance applications: mobile power supply, row plug


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