Classification of High Temperature Nylon PA and Its Application in Electronic Field

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High temperature nylon (HTPA) is a special nylon engineering plastic that can be used in the environment of 150 or more for a long time. The melting point is generally 290~320, and the thermal deformation temperature can reach 290 after modification of glass fiber, and maintains excellent mechanical properties in a wide temperature range and high humidity environment.


With its excellent performance, high temperature nylon materials are widely used in consumer electronics such as laptops and mobile phones.


Classification of high temperature nylon


(1) Aliphatic nylon - PA46


Compared with ordinary engineering plastic PA66, PA46 has higher molecular chain symmetry and regularity, so it has higher heat resistance, strength, bending modulus and dimensional stability. Because of the high crystallinity of PA46, the forming speed is very fast. PA46 is mainly used in electronics, aerospace, automotive, etc.


DSM 30% glass fiber reinforced PA46 for aircraft engine panels


DSM 40% glass fiber reinforced PA46 for automotive intake manifolds


(2) Half aromatic nylon - PPA


The thermal deformation temperature of semi-aromatic nylon is between 280 ℃ and 290℃. The main varieties are PA4T, PA6T, PA9T, PA10T, etc. Compared with ordinary PA66, PPA water absorption rate is very low, and oil resistance, dimensional stability and weather resistance is very good, often used in automotive, electrical electronics, machinery industry, commodity fields.





(3) Aromatic nylon - PARA


PARA was invented by DuPont, the most famous of which are Nomex (aramid 1313) and Kevlar (aramid 1414). This kind of material is mainly used for the preparation of high performance fiber and sheet, the fiber made of high strength, high rigidity, high modulus, high heat resistance, high dielectric strength characteristics. It can be used as super strong fiber and reinforcement materials for military, aerospace and other structural components.



Aramid 1414 body armor


Application of high temperature nylon in electronic field


(1) Mobile phone


High temperature nylon is widely used in mobile phones, such as mobile phone frame, antenna, camera module, speaker bracket, USB connector and so on.


Mobile phone antenna


Laser direct prototyping (LDS) can be used in mobile phone antennas, automotive electronic circuits, cash machine casings and medical grade hearing AIDS. The most common is the mobile phone antenna. LDS can laser the antenna directly on the mobile phone shell, which not only avoids the interference of the internal mobile phone metal, but also reduces the size of the mobile phone.


The multi-band design of 5G smartphone antenna is more complex, while the LDS antenna meets the design of thin and thin structure with high design freedom. PPA, as a LDS antenna material, has excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability, high temperature resistance, no foaming and low warping after lead-free welding, and low radio signal loss.


Mobile phone structure


Due to the complexity of radio frequency signals in 5G mobile phones, the application of nano-injection molding technology has reached a new level. Nano-injection molding materials need to withstand high temperature, and PPA is one of the materials that meet this requirement, and PPA has excellent mechanical properties and good binding force with metals.


PPA is used for structural parts of mobile phones

USB Connector


The demand of more efficient fast charging function and fast wireless charging of 5G mobile phone has raised the safety requirements of USB-C connector, and the mounting of USB connector is mainly based on SMT process technology. Due to the high-speed characteristics of connector and the needs of production and installation technology, high temperature resistant materials have become a necessity. PPA has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and no deformation. It is widely used in mobile phone USB.


(2) Laptops and tablets


High temperature nylon can replace metal to achieve thin design, can be used in the case of the pen, flat shell, excellent temperature resistance and dimensional stability make it widely used in the fan, interface of the pen.


Laptop computer cover

(3) Smart wearable


High temperature nylon can also be used in the LDS stereo circuit of the smart watch, laser engraving antenna, case, internal support and back shell and other components.



Application of high temperature nylon in smartwatch


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