Inventory of SIKO’s Nylon Series Material for Auto Parts Using

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Parts in automotives are an important and rapidly developing field of nylon product application. Nylon has very good comprehensive properties, easy to form and low density, so it has been well used in mold development and assembly.


The parts inside the engine area of the car need to withstand the influence of long-term hot and cold environment. The usual standard is that the parts need to withstand the temperature of -40~150 °C. This standard can meet the use environment of alternating hot and cold throughout the year; in addition, the engine Parts in the area also need to be able to withstand the impact of snow melting agent calcium chloride, long-term antifreeze, various oils and flying sand.




Suitable   Nylon Material


Engine cover


Lubrication   system

Oil   filter


Oil   level


Oil   pan


Oil   filled tank


Oil   filter holder


Engine   body

Engine   mount


Cylinder   head cover


Turning   system

Chain   guide


Pinch   roller belt cover

PA66+GF,   PA6+GF

Air   intake system

Air   intake manifold


Throttle   body


Air   intake pipe


Surge   tank


Radiator   slot

PA66+GF, PA66/612+GF

Air   Dust Collector Housing


Radiator   center position bracket


Water   inlet fittings


Water   outlet fittings

PA46+GF,   PA9T, PA6T

Fan   blade guard

PA6+GF,   PA66+GF




1. Oil filter


After replacing the metal with glass fiber reinforced nylon material, the upper part and the middle part of the steel pipe are respectively injection molded with PA6+10% GF modified plastic, and the metal filter mesh and the middle part are welded together.


Using PA6+10% GF modified material to inject the oil filter can reduce the air mixing rate by 10%-30% points, the overall cost can be reduced by 50%, and the total component weight can be reduced by 70%.


2. Engine cover


In order to achieve the purpose of reducing noise and improving ride comfort during the use of the vehicle, a cover plate made of glass fiber reinforced nylon material with noise shielding function is used on the engine. There are soundproofing materials.

Engine covers require materials with: high strength and toughness, low warpage, high apparent quality, high fluidity, and ease of rapid processing.


Engine cover

3. Radiator


The radiator is a cooling device in a car that reduces the temperature of the engine from a high temperature to a low temperature. The middle bracket, upper slot, lower slot, fan blade and blade protection cover are made of PA6+GF or PA66+GF material.


4. Inlet fittings and drain fittings


The connecting pipe at the inlet of the engine's long-term coolant can be reinforced with PA6+GF or PA66+GF. The drain pipe fittings at the outlet of the engine's long-term coolant have higher requirements for temperature resistance, and need to withstand a high temperature of 230 °C. It needs to choose temperature-resistant reinforcing materials, such as PA46+GF.


5. Cylinder head cover


Cylinder head cover is one of the most widely used parts of nylon material in automotive, second only to the application of intake manifold.


The main purpose of assembling this product is noise reduction. This component is the first key component for noise reduction in the engine area. This product uses PA66+GF and PA66+MF  modified materials.


6. Intake manifold


The intake manifold is mainly produced with PA6+GF modified material, which is the largest component for nylon materials. Now all car manufacturers use nylon intake manifolds.


The intake manifold made of modified nylon material has the advantages of light weight, lower cost, smooth manifold surface, very good heat insulation effect, can improve engine performance, reduce noise, low investment in production equipment, and be beneficial to environmental protection.


Intake manifold




SIKOPOLYMERS’ Main grades of Nylon series material and their description and main application, as following:





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