How to Achieve High Performance Polyamide Metal Replacement

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As a leading global manufacturer of high-performance polyamides, SIKOPOLYMERS stands out from the industry with a wide range of materials, excellent rigidity and strength, and reliable high temperature resistance.

Over the years, we have been committed to providing customers with cost-effective and innovative metal replacement solutions in the automotive, industrial consumer goods and communications industries to achieve:

1.      Reduce cost

2.      Light weight, save energy

3.      Function integration, integrated design

4.      Reduce heavy metal pollution, green environmental protection

In the past decades, the metal replacement field has accumulated a wealth of experience and a large number of successful cases. Based on our past experience, the cost has been reduced by about 30-50%, and the weight has been reduced by about 20-70%.



Advantages of polyamide

1.      No post-treatment (removal of burrs, machining, threading, soaking) No surface treatment (corrosion resistance, easy coloring)

2.      Easy handling (transport, storage and assembly)

3.      Longer die life (4-5 times the life of aluminum die casting die)

4.      Shorten production cycle (multi-mode cavity, continuous production)

How to achieve metal replacement?

Considering the high rigidity and strength of metals, many people believe that it is difficult for plastics to directly replace metals. However, in many cases, metal properties are often overused due to insufficient technical reliability assessment or lack of early computer-aided simulation. In other words, many applications do not need metal at all, and high performance polyamides through filling enhancement and product structure design optimization, make it possible to achieve high performance polyamides metal replacement. Compared with the high rigidity and strength of metal, the overall strength of plastic products can be determined by:

Material reinforced glass fiber, carbon fiber filled with reinforced high temperature nylon (such as PPA), can achieve material strength comparable to metal.



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