Innovative Application Of The High-Quality PA46-GF60 And PA66-CF60 In The Automotive Industry

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PA46-GF60 AND PA66-CF60 are a special polymer that exhibits high temperature and electrical resistance.  


The polymer is considered high-performance plastics and is widely used in the automotive and transportation market, consumer goods among others.


This polymer contributed to the lightweight of the automotive being produced from this material.


However, for your high and cost-efficient newest PA46-GF60, you need to source for it from a manufacturer with reputable and proven performance.


Below is the innovative application and notable technology gap featured by PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60.



Innovative Application of Newest PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60

The innovative cost-efficient structural hybrid thermoplastic automotive body component is suitable for high volume production.


Hence, a high-performance structural hybrid is a multi-material design. The thermoplastic polymers utilized a cost-efficient injection molding process.


This material is used in the manufacture of a high performance automotive center tunnel.


This tunnel is a multi-material design that combines glass and carbon fiber tapes. Also, metal is inserted and the

special polymer is deployed to wrap up the process.


This multi-material design comes with numerous features that are significant in the structural hybrid.


These include weight savings, low machines, and tools to invest. Also, it is a highly flexible production for novel automotive body applications.


Among all these, the key feature is the component is introduced during the standard built up of the body in white. Thus enabling an unchanged automotive paint and assembly process.


The concept of a structural thermoplastic hybrid structure in automotive is considered as an enabler to improve lightweight in the automotive body.


The distinct properties and characteristics PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60

High quality PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60 provided manufacturer the possibility to produce lightweight and complex structural-body.


The structure which can successfully replace or supplement metal components.


Also, the combination of this unique tape, the metal inserts, and the injection molding enable this significant weight reduction without endangering on structural reliability.


The tapes were provided with different fiber types (GF and CF), different widths and length, customized to the specific application design.

All these features enabled a very efficient design of the central tunnel – combining the best of glass and carbon fibers.


As well as the possibility to easily manufacture laminates with zones having different thicknesses and fiber orientation.


The deployment of PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60 enable efficient design. Although, it contributes to a significant waste of raw materials as well as the performance.


This special feature of polymer in PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60 might be as a result of the injection molding material allowed in a one-step manufacturing process.


This resulted in the cost-effectiveness described in this innovative application. Therefore, it is better suited in the automotive industry.



PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60 rapidly expedites the process in this great innovation achieved in the automobile industry.

Based on the above notions, when next you are contemplating of material to use for your high-performance automobile, don't forget some of the notable technology gap and features that come with PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60.  


Thus, all these provide you with useful facts on making the right choice when it comes to automobile materials.


Finally, always make sure that you team up with a reliable and professional newest PA46-GF60 and PA66-CF60 manufacturer for the best deal.


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