A Brief Guide To Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) + Nylon 66 (PA66) Alloy Plastic Materials

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As you may already know, both PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) resin and PA66 (nylon 66) resin are industrial plastics with several applications.  


PPS is a semi-crystalline material. It is an amorphous material with excellent heat resistance.


It is well known due to its outstanding mechanical properties and electrical insulation.


There have good dimensional, chemical stability, and creep resistance. It is one of the most manufacturing plastics, though its impact resistance is poor.


Its high melt viscosity and not easy to process has greatly limited its uses in some fields.


On the other hand, PA66 resin is a crystalline material and it is considered PPS resin opposite by many. Besides its low viscosity, it has good fluidity and easy to process.


Also, it can absorb water, this has contributed to the poor dimensional stability and heat resistance of the plastic resin.


However, custom PPS+PA66 is an engineering process between the two polymer resins.


The blending compatibility engineering can be used to obtain PPS+PA66 alloys with both PPS and PPA66 advantages.




The plastic alloys have the following outstanding properties;


· Excellent heat resistance


· Excellent processing properties


· Excellent processing properties


· Excellent dimensional stability and


· High impact strength


However, before adventuring into the market to buy discount plastic alloys for your project, the first step to take is to identify and team up with a reliable manufacturer for the best deal.


Features of Custom PPS+PA66

Currently, PPS+PA66 materials suitable for thinning are of great concern at home and abroad, particularly in the electronics industry.


High quality plastic alloys modified by the blending compatibilization technology has greatly improved processability.


It has met the injection molding, requirements for penetrating larger sized thin-walled parts.


Besides all these delightful properties of the plastic alloys, one additional feature it has is that the blend improves the rigidity when heated under low load.



Which actually help it to withstand the high temperature during drying of the automobile body coating,


PPS+PA66 alloy can withstand wide range temperatures as high as 190 oC. Thus guaranteeing the excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability, oil resistance, electrical insulation, and impact resistance.  



Wrap Up

Plastic alloys come in different forms, with excellent properties that you may not need to mix up while sourcing for a specific one for your project.



As earlier stated above before adventuring the market for your customize plastic alloys such as PPS+PA66, kindly consider the manufacturer’s profile in the light of their main advantages as stated below:


Ø Discounted supply with better quality.


Ø Good customer service with quicker response


Ø The stronger engineering team for mold design, mold simulation and quality assurance (DFM, full mold drawings, Mold flow simulation report can be provided)


Ø All the requirements of certifications can be provided


Ø Good knowledge for resin, steel, and mechanical product design, which can help you optimize your project


Ø High precision injection mold and over-mold is our big advantages than others (Minimum tolerance for production can be +/-0.02mm, mold tolerance can be 0.005mm)


However, when next you are sourcing for plastics alloys with excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability, oil resistance, electrical insulation for your project, automobile application inclusive.



Always make sure that you buy discount plastic alloys from a reputable and professional manufacturer for your best deal.


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