Overview Of PPS+PA66 Plastic Alloys

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Plastic alloys (sometimes called plastic blends) are the combination of two or more plastic polymers having varying molecular properties and structures unified into a single multi-component compound.


In blending plastic polymers to form alloys by either chemical grafting technology or physical compounding, the original polymers are improved upon to enhance the specialization, performance and functionality for all end-use appliances.


Plastic alloys are broadly used in electrical and electronics, office equipment, home appliances, medical and automotive equipment and a vast array of other fields.


Plastic alloys and custom PPS+PA66 have become an essential product and purchasing them must be from the most reliable manufacturer.


The alloying of plastics upgrades and strengthens the original plastic polymer and cuts down the purchase expenses of the original material.


Plastic alloys have become one of the most essential and active materials and the industry is fast growing.


Blending polymers to form alloys is a vastly used and a highly important method in modifying plastic polymer materials.


Among blended polymers is the custom PPS+PA66 polymer blend which has proved to produce high-quality plastic alloys.

 plastic alloys

What Is Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS)

PPS stands for Polyphenylene Sulphide is a high-efficiency engineering thermoplastic that is distinguished by its atypical blend of properties.


It is a semi-crystalline, opaque and rigid polymer that has a very high melting point (280°C) and comprises of para-phenylene units that alternate with their sulphide linkages.


PPS have a superb balance of properties such as inherent flame resistance, good chemical resistance, high-temperature resistance, dimensional abilities, exceptional mechanical strength and electrical insulation.


PPS can easily be processed because its toughness increases with higher temperatures.


All these awesome qualities make PPS an excellent alternative to thermosets and metals for use in several applications and appliances, automotive parts and electronics.


A Bit About Poly Hexamethylene Adipamide (PA66)

PA66 which stands for Poly (hexamethylene adipamide), Nylon 66 or Polyamide 66 is mostly combined with PPS for the manufacture of alloys with improved quality.


PA66 is a thermoplastic at engineering-grade characterized by its high impact resistance and strength.


It also has a very good balance of properties and is vastly used consumer goods, automotive and transportation markets, electrical and electronic appliances among other industries.


PP66 is made when diacid is polycondensed with a diamine or by using either carbons 6, 11 or 12 for the polymerization (ring-opening) of lactams.


PA66 exhibits high electrical, chemical and temperature resistance thanks to its crystalline structure.


They have an excellent barrier and mechanical properties an =d can be very effortlessly flame retarded.


The combination of PPS and PA66 polymers to form an alloy provides an unmatchable mechanical strength, rigidity and toughness.


They can be used in products in fields of high toughness such as the production and manufacturing of aluminium alloy fixture, water heater equipment, water heater set etc.



The custom PPS+PA66 polymer blend is available to meet specific needs of end-use applications.


They have exceptional qualities such as wear resistance, colour, flame retardance, conductivity and structural resistance all in one compound.


All these amazing properties make PPS+PA66 blend highly functional and usable for various purposes.


However, always ensure that you buy discount plastic alloys that possess all these qualities from the most reputable manufacturer.


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