PA66 Material Sent to Thailand

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The epidemic has been effectively brought under control, many industries have started to work normally and the economy has picked up. Our company has withstood the test in the severe form of the epidemic, and made further achievements.


This month, one container of PA66 material was transported to Thailand again. And our materials have been well received by customers.


First of all, usually our products are engineering plastics which are widely used like auto parts, electrical parts, power tools and gears, etc. The product the Thai customer needs this time is PA66 with glass fiber. This customer's application applies to auto parts, it can be seen that PA66 material reinforced glass fiber is a very mature product in our company, which has a wide range of application and high strength, and has been widely recognized in the world.


Secondly, the quality of our products is guaranteed. Our company's product additives, such as glass fiber, adopt top domestic brands. The content of glass fiber has been carefully calculated by engineers, which can completely match the application of the product. Our company's color matching process is also mature. In order to avoid production loss, we will provide color CARDS for customers' reference in advance and carry out color matching process after customers' confirmation.


Finally, our after-sales service is worthy of recognition. After purchasing the products of our company, our foreign trade team will follow up the process from production to delivery at any time to ensure the timely delivery of products. When the goods are finished, we will have professional inspectors to check and ensure the quality of the products.


Of course, when customers have doubts about our goods, we have a professional laboratory to test the goods, so as to dispel customers' doubts from the root. We have a production chain with 11 switches, so we will arrange to produce the goods within seven to ten working days after the customer pays. If customers need urgent production, we will also make urgent orders according to customers' needs, so it is a wise choice to cooperate with our company.


Due to these reasons, we get to supply different clients in various parts of the world and also get referrals from our loyal clients.


When customers receive the goods and make the finished products sell well, they often give our company a high evaluation. Customers not only recognize our products, but also express their satisfaction with our professional service. Based on these two points, our customers have a high retention rate. After a batch of production is completed, customers will order new products and require production. Some clients also introduce new clients, not only in partnership, but also in friendship. Therefore, in terms of price, we will provide customers with SVIP price, On the basis of quality and quantity, the preferential price makes the customer return more and more high rate.


I think the epidemic will eventually pass, the form of international foreign trade will be more and more stable, our company will also stand out in many foreign trade enterprises, can not do without our rich production experience and professional foreign trade knowledge reserve, in the future economic development, our company will make greater achievements!


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