SIKO PPA Successful cases of metal replacement

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    With the rapid development of the automobile industry, especially the rapid development of new energy vehicles in recent years, the demand for light weight, integration, miniaturization and electrification of auto parts is also increasing. In the field of new energy, the lightweight of the body and battery can effectively improve the cruising range and energy utilization of new energy vehicles. Therefore, lightweight is one of the main directions of future automotive technology development.

    Replacing some metals with plastics can reduce weight by about 30%, provided the performance is met. SIKO has long produced high-performance polyamides for metal replacement materials for customers, which are characterized by high strength, water and oil resistant, high surface, hydrolysis resistant, high temperature resistance.

High strength, water and oil resistant products

image.png              image.png

image.png       image.png


                   Made of stainless steel                                                     Made by SIKO PPA

High strength, high surface, hydrolysis resistant product

  image.png           image.png 

  image.png                       image.png          

                    Made of metal                                                                    Made of PA, PPA glass fiber reinforced materials

High strength, oil and temperature resistance products 

 image.png        image.png 

image.png     image.png

                               Made of cuprum                                                               Made of PPA reinforced material 

     With the excellent performance of high-performance polyamide materials and the rich experience in the field of replacing steel with plastics, while assisting in development, it helps customers reduce technological processes and improve production efficiency, and more and more commercial vehicle customers get A more cost-effective lightweight solution.


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