The application prospect of biodegradable material PLA

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PLA material is recognized as an environmentally friendly and sustainable green material in the 21st century. Countries all over the world use it as a general-purpose plastic substitute product for in-depth exploration and development, and its use and application fields will also become wider and wider.


Medical applications:

1. Application in clinical orthopedics

Since biodegradable polyester can be degraded in the body and does not need to be removed by a second operation, it is widely used as an internal fixation material in clinical orthopedics.


2. Medical surgical suture

The surgical suture made of biodegradable polyester does not need to be taken out twice, and has good compatibility with the body, and can degrade by itself.


3. Fracture fixation materials

Because the strength and toughness of stainless steel metal materials are far greater than that of human bones, and the mechanical properties cannot dynamically change with the bone healing process, the medical "stress shielding" phenomenon appears, leading to osteoporosis at the fracture site and self-bone degradation. PLA biodegradable materials can overcome these two shortcomings of steel plates.


4. Tissue engineering materials.

Tissue engineering refers to the application of life sciences and engineering principles and methods to construct a biological device to maintain and enhance the growth of human cells and tissues to restore the functions of damaged tissues and organs.


Industrial and agricultural

PLA material has the characteristics of good toughness, such as film and rope for construction, paper plastic film, etc.; fishing nets for fishery, kelp breeding nets, fishing lines, etc.; packaging materials for paper industry, etc.; PLA can also be used for soil and desert greening and water retention Materials, slow-release materials for pesticides and fertilizers, etc. It is said that this kind of bioplastic has the best flame retardancy in the world without the need for halogen or phosphorus-based flame retardants, and can be widely used in various electronic products.


It can be used not only in the case of a computer, but also in equipment that works at high temperatures. PLA has good toughness and is suitable for processing into high value-added films to replace the current fragile agricultural mulch films. In addition, it is also used for slow-release pesticides, fertilizers, etc., which is not only low-toxic and long-lasting, but also automatically decomposes after several years of use, and does not pollute the environment.


Daily sundries

PLA can also be used as an additive for paper substitutes, paper plastic films, packaging films, food containers, household garbage bags, and cosmetics. Use ordinary plastic injection mold equipment to process various tableware such as cups, plates, bowls, chopsticks, basins and other daily necessities. Manufacture PLA into disposable lunch boxes and food packaging bags.


Application in the packaging industry

In Europe and North America, PLA acid packaging materials are used for supermarket product packaging. PLA acid has the basic characteristics of biodegradable plastics. It can be safely disposed of after use without producing any harmful substances. In addition, PLA acid also has the same printing performance as traditional films. Therefore, PLA has broad application prospects in the field of packaging materials.


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