The Characteristics of Polyamid6 PA6

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Polyamide PA6 (sometimes referred to as Polyamide P6, Polycaprolactam or Nylon 6) is one of the polyamides used vastly all over the world.


It is an aramid or an aromatic polyamide which exhibits excellent temperature, electrical and chemical resistance due to its crystalline structure.


Alongside these excellent properties, aromatic polyamides also have outstanding mechanical and flame retardant and barrier properties, which has increased their relevance across many industries and sectors.


Polyamide PA6 is manufactured by the ring-opening polymerization of Caprolactam. 


With a melting point of 223°C Polyamide PA6 is often confused with Polyamide PA66 which is used when Polyamide PA6 reaches its maximum temperature limit or when the hydrolytic stability of PA6 is insufficient.


Both Polyamide PA6 and Polyamide PA66 are widely known as the two highest-performing polyamides worldwide, and they can serve as great candidates for developments regarding the replacement of metals or other specific applications when they are exposed to severe conditions.


Polyamide PA6 can be applied in various sectors and industries such as transportation, packaging, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, building and construction etc. 


PA6 is often extruded in the manufacturing of films (packaging), fibres (textile industry) or in injecting. 


Polyamide PA6 is so excellent that it can serve as a metal replacement in specific automotive applications.


In the many uses and applications of polyamide PA6, PA6 must be purchased from the most reliable manufacturers that manufacture high–quality, industry-standard PA6 to have for the best end products. 


Polyamide PA6 has many characteristics and properties that are unique to it; some of them include: 


· Polyamide PA6 possesses excellent oil and fuel resistance


· Polyamide PA6 has excellent electrical insulating properties


· PA6 is slightly more affordable than other polyamides


· PA6 maintains a superb performance/cost ratio


· Processing polyamide PA6 is easy because it has a perfect flow


· PA6 is characterized by its slightly lower heat deflection temperature when it is compared to other polyamides


· Polyamide PA6 is also characterized by its resistance to fatigue


· Polyamide PA6 possesses a low dimensional stability


· PA6 is more vast in its industry applicability


· PA6 absorbs polar solvents and is often attacked by strong mineral acids


· Polyamide PA6 has a high water absorption rate, and its water absorption content sets a limit to its usability


· PA6 has an excellent long term heat ageing


· PA6 is characterized by its high stiffness and strength most especially at high temperatures


· It has a significant impact strength, even when the temperature is low


· The surface appearance of PA6 is excellent, and hence, it possesses a better ability to process (especially when compared to Polyamide PA66) because of its low viscosity


· Polyamide PA6 requires a thorough drying before a need for processing


· PA6 is also characterized by its significant wear and abrasion resistance


These are a few of the many outstanding characteristics of Polyamide PA6.


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