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Welcome to our company website, we are one of the leading manufacturers of engineering plastics and high special plastics in China, such as PA6/PA66 /PPO/PPS/PPA /PBT/PC/PP/ABS/PA46/PA612 and so on. Our factory located very near to Shanghai, with more 12 years experiences in R&D+manufacture. To recommend the most suitable material with the most competitive price for customers is our always pursue. Why choose us, the reason as following.


Firstly, as a high performance polymer solutions provider and partner, SIKO provides a wide range of polymer material for your products application, which is equivalent to your current brand, such as DUPONT, BASF, DSM, SABIC, COVESTRO, EMS, TORAY, POLYPLASTICS, CELANESE and so on, to view whole list of comparison between SIKO and these brands, please kindly check it. Not only can we guarantee the quality of our products, but also our prices are the most competitive with those of other brands.


Secondly, since we are trading company, many customers may have some concerns about our company. But don’t worry, we fully understand your side. You can see the picture at the beginning of the article, it’s our factory view, you can see very neat. The production environment of the factory is clean and well equipped. We also have certificates about our products, like UL, TUV,RACH certifications etc. Despite showing our factory and our certifications, some customers still have a little concern about our products, we can send some sample for customers. We will try our best to meet customers’ requirements.


Thirdly, we have fast delivery. Generally after the customer pays, we will produce as soon as possible, and we will complete the delivery within a week. We will send professional examiners to sample and inspect the goods, We'll ship the goods as soon as we're done. Of course, it is most convenient for customers to have their own freight forwarders, they can directly go to the factory or warehouse to pick up the goods.


Last but not least, we have professional after-sales service; when our customers receive the goods, feel free to contact us for injection molding questions. 7*24 hours whole year, professional technical communication and the most suitable material recommendation. If any questions, pls feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you. In the past, our customers not only expressed their satisfaction with our products, but also made friends with our sales staff. And we will also for the sake of customers, provide the most suitable for the customer's program.


Above all, thanks again for browsing, if you are interested in the products, please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will give you a precise and warm reply. Looking forward to your reply, and also looking forward to making friends with you.


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